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ZERO BREEZE ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station


  • Fast Charging in 2.5 Hours
  •  2500Wh Capacity, 2200W Output
  •  32% Weight Reduction. Weighs Only 40lbs
  • Applicable in Extreme Cold From -4℉ to 104℉
  • Maximum Charge Protection
  • Energy-Saving Auto Sleep Mode

Satisfy Your 99% Power Needs

While NMC batteries may cost a bit more, their exceptional 30% – 50% higher energy density ensures ElecHive’s superior capacity, offering a smaller size with greater power for essential portable solutions. 

Ultra-compact Design

ElecHive’s compact design, thanks to the integrated NMC battery pack, is 32% smaller than comparable products. It uses only 6 batteries with connections, reducing risks.

Unique Interfaces For Multiple Needs

Auto-sleep mode offers a more energy-efficient, quieter, sleep-friendly, and environmentally conscious electronic device experience.

Maximum Charge Protection
To better protect and extend the battery life cycle, ElecHive allows you to set the battery maximum charging saturation to be either 100% or 90%.

High-power Transmission
Boasts Anderson 24V and 12V output interfaces, leveraging their strengths in high-power transmission, durability, and swift connectivity to enhance product versatility and flexibility.

Fast Charging Technology

ElecHive’s fast charging technology enables lightning-fast recharging at up to 1250W, ensuring rapid power replenishment for enhanced efficiency and reliability in various scenarios.

Applicable in Extreme Cold

Operate in temperatures ranging from -4℉ to 104℉, ElecHive adapts in extreme climate.

Basic info
Battery capacity2500Wh
Battery materialsNMC(Lithium-Nickel-Manganese Cobalt-Oxide)
Cycle life2300 Cycles (80%)
Dimensions & Weight
Weight40 lbs/ 18.3 kg
Size12.9 ∗ 9.6 ∗ 11.3 in/
32.8 ∗ 24.4 ∗28.7 cm
Warranty time2 years
Auto-sleep switch(US)ON/OFF (US)
AC frequency(JP)60Hz/50Hz (JP)
Charge/ Discharge Percentage90%/100%
Recharging Temperature32-104 °F/ 0-40 °C
Operating Temperature-4-104 °F/ -20-40 °C
Safety Protection
Overload, overcurrent, shortcircuit, overtemperature, lowtemperature protection
AC input1250W:100~130V, 60Hz 12A (US V.)
600W:100~130V, 60Hz 6A (US V.)
240W:100~240V, 50/60Hz 3.5A
MPPT Solar energy inputNormal Charging, 12~30V 240W/10A Max
Fast Charging, 30~75V 1250W/26A Max
Car charger input12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
240W/10A Max
AC sockets4
AC output2200W (surge 4400W)
USB-A outputs2
USB-C outputs2
Total number of sockets12
USB-A output5/9/12V, 18W QC3.0
USB-A fast charging5/9/12V, 18W QC3.0
USB-C output5/9/12/15/20V, 100W/5A Max, Bi-direction full PD
5/9/12V, 18W Max
Automobile cigarette output10.5~13.4V, 300W/25A Max, in box accessory
DC 5521 output10.5~13.4V, 120W/10A Max
Supplement12V Anderson Port 10.5~13.4V, 300W/25A Max
24V Anderson Port 19.5~25.2V, 500W/25A Max